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The International Butler Training Institute



_____________8-WEEKS: 768 HOURS OF TRAINING__________

At Villa De Vijverhof.



________WHAT DO WE OFFER________


If you choose a high-quality education, where learning a subject is, central and the most important, with the guidance that really helps you further in the butler world, then there is only one choice possible namely an education at, The International Butler Training Institute.


A complete all-inclusive butler training of 8 weeks,

After the training you will be able to fulfill the wishes of your future employer independently.

At our butler school you will have the opportunity to pursue your dream and we will support you so that you learn all the tools to fulfill your future duties.

You will learn from the best. In addition to all this, you have the opportunity to work and learn at an inspiring training location, in the Netherlands.

The excellent Butler training Institute Team, led by Cornelis Greveling, insists on providing all students with an ultimate unique experience, we are fully focused to provide all students the best education in the world in terms of Butler service, hotel training and hospitality.

Do you want to learn from the very best and do you have the passion to make your dream come true,

then register via our contact page for more information about a butler training at:


 ________WHAT YOU RECEIVE IN TURN_______

  • A unique training program, one of its kind in the world. 
  • An excellent curriculum.
  • Practical lessons: "learning by doing".
  • Working as a butler at a real private owned estate
  • Field trips and Master classes.
  • Step-by-step explanations of the topics.
  • Exclusive, and unique diploma or certificate.
  • Training materials are included.
  • Your accommodation is included.
  • Breakfast, lunch, diner, coffee and tea are included 
  • Butler uniform, two white shirts, bow tie, white and black cloves, black patent shoes.
  • Student materials, suds as a briefcase, writing folder, umbrella and more. 
  • Pickup from Schiphol International Airport.                                                                          




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