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 __________MESSAGE FROM MR. GREVELING________

                                                                         CEO & Founder

Its an honor and privilege to be one of the best professional Butler Training Institute, which is known worldwide for its approach, especially for its technique and style. "Distinctly Different". The classic Butler style in combination with modern techniques. The demand for trained professionals is huge. We have the knowledge and experience, to be successful.

Mr. Cornelis Greveling, visionar in the field of Butler service and elected several times as butler of the year and winner for the Prestige Award 2020, has always imagined an extraordinary Butler school, where students can expect a unique and unforgettable experience.

My Creme de lá Creme team consists of the best butlers in the trade as well as guest teachers of world class.

I have attended or was even associated with other Butler schools-academies. Because of my experience and evaluation of the different programs, I have set up my own program, and believe where the others end, we will continue, all this to give you as a student value for your money and a good preparation for the future.

The International Butler Training Institute team, supplemented with guest speakers and professionals, will teach you all the ins and outs of the butler profession.

The lessons consist of theory, supplemented with practical examples and practical lessons, where everything is explained in practical step by step lessons.

Every second is an experience in itself, where you can get the most out of it and from which you can learn a lot, so see every second of your training as a learning experience and a challenge.

Mr. Cornelis Greveling



The tuition fee 2022-2023

€ 12.500,00 (twelve thousand five hundred euros) all-inclusive



The registration fee of € 500.- (to be paid before your registration and final conformation of your participation  at the butler training.)

The tuition fee of € 12,500,- minus the registration fee of € 500,-  (to be paid after final confirmation of your participation at the butler training.)



Why am I paying more tuition?

The International Butler Training Institute is a private school. 

The tuitionfee is an investment in yourself. You will save time with us, an entire (all-inclusive) butler course in eight weeks. Because we provide intensive education (full days, 768 hours), you can start working earlier and therefore earn your investment back sooner!

Everything is included in the tuition fee, your accommodation, all meals such as breakfast, lunch and dinner, coffee and tea during the day, fieldtrips, all your teaching materials and even a complete Butler uniform. 

This applies to Butler students: due to the clear structure of The International Butler Training Institute, 90% graduate in eight weeks with a obtained diploma or certificate. Compare that with the 49% who only graduate after five years (!) From a comparable hospitality education.

Why are butler students in suits?

To feel them self at home in the butler and / or business community. At The International Butler Training Institute you can get used to walking around in a suit. Because of the neat clothing, you are not just a student at school, but a professional-looking employee, one of the guys!

Will I work in the Butler profession after the training?

That depends on you. What you actually learn from us is to think in an entrepreneurial way. That is precisely why you will not be stuck with one profession in the future.

What do I going to earn?

The amount of your salary depends on your education, personal characteristics and work experience. With us, you focus on those matters during your training. Once you are on the job, you can continue to grow.

Do I have a job after the training?

Some students have a job at the time of the graduation ceremony. Most students find a suitable job shortly after the training. This often arises from our collaboration with various recruitment agencies or from our vacancy bank. In this way, an average of 80% of the students find work, sometimes even before they receive their diploma.

Who are the teachers?

Our teachers are passionate professionals. Most of them come from the butler industry or the corporate world. That is why they can transfer their knowledge well and always make the link to practice.

Is The International Butler Training Institute a Massive Training?

The International Butler Training Institute is certainly not a learning factory. We would like to remain a small study program with a maximum of twelve students. This way we can provide optimal guidance.

Do I get an exemption?

You follow all lessons at The International Butler Training Institute. Because at the graduation ceremony we want to make sure that you have learned everything we offered you. And if you already know about certain things, you can distinguish yourself with high marks.




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