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The International Butler Training Institute

The Professional Butler School, by Butlers for Butlers

We have an Excellent, Unique and High Qualified butler Training program.

The Butler Training course

8-weeks: 768 hours of training





Introduction into the world of butler service and butler training

The International Butler Training Institute teaches a personal service expertise and organizational structure that supports the management of complex homes and lifestyles.


Introduction in a Butlers life: 

Mr. van der Meulen takes you on a journey through time, the history of the butler from the past to the butler of today. Traditions and history of the classic English Butler, Personal and professional standards, Personal traits, Private service in detail, The daily tasks of a butler, how do I start my day, interesting books to read, how do you update your knowledge. Mr. van der Meulen will teach you all the expertise about silver, shoe shine, valet service but also his knowledge about being a good gentleman gentelman butler.

Yes, there is still a need for modern manners, new developments follow each other at lightning speed and outside influences increasingly overwhelm us, people actually feel a need for something to hold on to, for norms and values. Manners are then a 'rest point', a relief, where we can say: "Fortunately, at least etiquette does not change so quickly".

Drs. Mrs. Kleinrouweler will teach you everything about table etiquette, common-sense, the gift of good manners and consideration for others, business etiquette, Image consulting, Dress for success and event planning .


 Table management:


Mr. Greveling will tell you everything about technical skills, Setting tables, Serving meals and wine, Style of service, The difference in Butler service and hospitality service and why. Which china we use on which occasion, the difference in setting the table for breakfast, lunch and dinner. How to make and serve a traditional English breakfast, how to serve breakfast in bed, the difference in family, plate, butler and silver service among others. The difference between afternoon tea and high tea

Wines and champagne, Special celebrations and decorations



              Valeting skills:

The Professional Gentleman's Gentleman. Formal wear, maintaining,

    inventories and packing-Un packing suitcases, Wardrobe management,

    care of clothing and shoes, Dress codes, How to create an unforgettable experience.







Flowers and decorations

Mr. Greveling will teach you everything you should know about flowers, how to care for and maintain flowers, how to make flowerarrangments and decorations with flowers from the garden or bought flowers, flowerarrangments for formal diners and special occasions.


House-Staff management:

Defining and setting standards, routines and schedules, Hiring and firing, Employee handbook and house rules, Security, and ICT lessons


This is a small selection of our Curriculum

This eight-week All-Inclusive, intensive "learning by doing" training program is intended for those who want to start a new career in private service! This training program gives you the expertise to work as a private butler, steward, valet, hotel butler, house manager, estate manager, it gives you all the tools to manage a complete household or estate.


A world class butler-hospitality and housemanager school

What's holding you back to become a butler.


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A message from mr. Van der Meulen

Dear Students,

As Senior trainer I would like to direct a view words to you.

You showed interest in our training program in The Netherlands at The International Butler Training Institute. As Senior butler, trainer and coach, I can only welcome you into our program and be part of the beginning of a new way of life for you.

For more than 25 years I lived with and worked for several families. The last ten years of my career I had the pleasure to serve a Dutch in the middle of our country.

Being a butler is so much more than only a job.

If you are lucky to find the right connection you can look forward to an interesting life and not the standard way of an ordinary job somewhere else. But, you have to find the right way and people to be trained and to be prepared for that future. Of course we are aware of the fact that you have several choices for different institutions throughout Europe. You can invest your money only once, and we are concerned about you that you will invest at the right place and time . We can offer you a better way, than perhaps others, to prepare you for that future because of the quality of our trainers and practical possibilities within our training lodge.

What you see is what you get, practical down to earth training by people who have either served as a butler, or still do so, or out of the hospitality field and shipping world. We combined all that knowledge of these professionals in a special program only for you in order to be a part of your success in the future as a butler or house manager.

Covid 19 is no obstacle anymore to travel to The Netherlands. Our Training Institute is situated in a very rural environment amongst many castles and estates. We would like to welcome you in the True Art of nowadays Service and Management of smaller and larger households.

Think it over before you take a decision.


With Kind Regards,

Mr. Van der Meulen


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