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The International Butler Training Institute

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The International Butler Training Institute teaches a personal service expertise and organizational structure that supports the management of complex households and lifestyles.




Mr. Cornelis Greveling - Managing Director- Head Butler


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Mr.Greveling is a trained Classic English private butler with 26 -years experience and visionary in the field of Butler service. Mr. Greveling is responsible for the daily lessons 'learning by doing". Mr. Greveling is also The Managing director of The Guild for International Domestic staff and is responsible for recruitment , our International Hotel, resort and hospitality training program.


You will be 90% trained by Mr. Greveling himself, as a former butler of many households, including some royal families, Mr. Greveling knows like no other what you need as a professional butler to succeed in this profession.









Mrs. Drs. Gonnie Klein Rouweler - Senior Trainer Etiquette and Protocol.


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Mrs. Gonnie Klein Rouweler, MSc (Education), is more than 30 years owner/director of Image Consultancy/Etiquetteschool. Former executive director of The International Butler Academy.

More than 30 years expert in (business) etiquette and in The Fine Art of Presenting Yourself. Her clients include (Intl) five-star hotels and resorts, luxury yachts, private families, nanny’s, private banking, government and major stock market listed companies.  Countless interviews on TV, radio and magazines about hospitality, etiquette and personal image.

Mrs. Gonnie Klein Rouweler is excited to share her tremendous experiences to challenge the students in achieving the right attitude in the highest standard of personal service.

Mrs. Gonnie Klein Rouweler is responsible for teaching: etiquette and protocol, Personal Image and The Fine Art of Presenting Yourself.










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