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_________The Butler Cottage_________


 The training location of The International Butler Training institute is a real Upstairs Downstairs private house. 
At this private house of Mr. Greveling we have the opportunity to teach you all facets of a real household, with real guests and formal dinners.

the house includes but is not limited to:

Upstairs (front of the house):
living room, dining room, office, bedrooms, dressroom with a walkin closet,

Downstairs (back of the house)
classroom, wine cellar, storage cellar, kitchen, laundry room, storage room


Lochem, a cozy town in one of the most beautiful regions of the Netherlands, here you find  The International Butler Training Institute were you will fully enjoy your butler training program.                     

Our Butler Cottage is  there for you, to complete your practical and theoretical lessons.  The training location enables us to train you the classic, formal English butler profession as well the modern style. At our cottage we have everything you need for your training, it’s there for you, to give you the education and experience you need.


        ______STUDENT ACCOMMODATION______


About Lochem:

Lochem is a town with a great history. It received its city rights as early as 1233. In the following years Lochem has been occupied and besieged several times. To protect itself against this, the city is surrounded by a wall and two moats.

Much of Lochem's history is still clearly visible in "the town on the Berkel": old buildings, the church, the town hall and even part of the town walls. The bumpy boulders on the market square are also a reminder of earlier times, when citizens still dragged in field boulders to strengthen the city walls.


Student Accommodation:



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