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 __________MESSAGE FROM MR. GREVELING________

                                                       Head Butler, CEO & Founder

Its an honor and privilege to be one of the best professional Butler Training Institute, which is known worldwide for its approach, especially for its technique and style. "Distinctly Different", "Learning By Doing'. The classic Butler style in combination with Mindset |Coaching | Personal development. The demand for trained professionals is huge. We have the knowledge and experience, to be successful.

Mr. Cornelis Greveling, visionar and Grand Master in the field of Hospitality and Butler service, elected several times as butler of the year and winner for the Prestige Award 2020, 2021 and 2022, has always imagined an extraordinary Butler school, where students can expect a unique and unforgettable experience.

I have attended or was even associated with other Butler schools-academies. Because of my experience and evaluation of the different programs, I have set up my own program ' Learning by Doing', and I believe where others butler schools end, we will continue, all this to give you as a student a good preparation for the future.

With respect to other butler schools and butler academies, The International Butler Training Institute is distinctly different, the main direction of The International Butler Training Institute is to give butler students the right and best education, learning by doing.  The International Butler Training Institute is not dependent on side activities that are not in line with our philosophy.

We are probably the smallest most exclusive butler school in the world, and we would like to stay that way, no massive groups, clear lessons and attention for our students.

But perhaps most importantly, you will be trained by our Grand Master of Hospitality and Butler service, Mr. Greveling himself, as a former butler of many households, including some royal families, Mr. Greveling knows like no other what you need as a professional butler to succeed in this profession

The lessons consist of theory, supplemented with practical examples and practical lessons, where everything is explained in practical step by step lessons.

Every second is an experience in itself, where you can get the most out of it and from which you can learn a lot, so see every second of your training as a learning experience and a challenge.

Mr. Cornelis Greveling

Grand Master of Hospitality and Butler Service


The International Butler Training institute

Mindset | coaching | peronal development | 'Learning by Doing


Our Mission and Promise



Why choose for us ?


We pride ourselves in offering a unique and successful learning opportunity for every Butler student. Training takes place on location, the Private Cottage of Mr. Greveling. The location is important for our role-playing and to give the butler student the feeling of where they will be working in the future. The Butler students will use the Private Cottage for training in guest mode setting. During the training there will be events where the students and the trainers will be part of. From very formal dinners to casual lunches, from a banquet event to an afternoon tea, from a breakfast service in the suite to service of beverages in the lounge.

The training fee includes your student accommodation. Your breakfast, lunch and dinner, coffee, and tea during the day. All training materials, a compleet three piece butler uniform, distictly different from other schools, including two white shirts, black patent shoes, white gloves, a pocket watch and cufflinks with the faculty logo, and field trips are included. (Iff scheduled)  


Who are our cliënts:

ABNA Bank, ROC Amsterdam, Mondani Restaurant, Lenferinkgroep Zwolle, Landgoed hotel Woodbrooke, Protestantse Gemeente Lochem, stichting en vermogensfonds Elisabeth Strouven Maastricht, Chateau Wittem, Catering Oud loosdrecht, Airt fair Naarden, Masters of  LXRY , Winter fair Huize Doorn, Kerst fair paleis het Loo, Finovion Lochem, Okada Hotel Manila, Cathay Pacific, Guestfriend, Volvo Cars Nederland, De Salentein Nijkerk, Miele Nederland, and various VIP private families and Royal houses whose names we cannot mention.






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