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_______________Hotel Skill Profile Training_______________




Training itself is not the only key of our successes. We transform your Head department to become future in-house Trainer, specialized in each of their own fields. Our training vision will become an integral part of your learning and development strategy. Allow us to inspire you, to study our tailor-made training program we have designed, for the Domestic Service and the International Hospitality. We will train your front of house service staff to deliver the Elegant service style inspired from the vision of our institute. At our institute we train our students in period of 8 weeks to gain some of the knowledge to become successful brand ambassador of your property. For your hotels / resorts and cruise ships we train your employee in period of 2 weeks or longer depends on your requirement. We will provide a tailor-made training program and use our unique curriculum as guidance.


The Language of Service (apply for the entire Hotel service staff):


  • Challenging situations (How to manage your guest)
  • Language of service, style of service
  • Personal Conduct
  • Etiquette and Protocol
  • Intercultural communication (Culture Boundaries)
  • Complaint handling, professional and discreet manner while facing a complaint
  • How to manage difficult internal and external guest issues
  • Style of communication
  • Presentation skill training
  • Anticipating guests’ needs through guest relation services


Butler skill profile training (apply for the Butler department):




  • How to become a passionate Host
  • Seating guests at a table, escorting guests to the suites
  • Accept a tip graciously
  • Packing and unpacking luggage
  • Ironing and folding shirts
  • Polishing shoes
  • The art of elegant tea service
  • Executive driving
  • Butling service (seat belt, umbrella service)
  • Flower arrangement


Hotel skill Training Topics (apply for the Food & Beverage Department):




  • Standard of appearance 
  • True Art of Service and personalized luxury service
  • Escorting guests to different hotel outlets
  • Body language
  • Fine dining, personalized service in the restaurant and suite
  • First impression - everlasting impression through elegance service delivery
  • Butler service delivery in the suites.
  • How to manage your guests/your colleagues/ your Supervisors 
  • Service revenue in harmony / Sales revenue awareness
  • How to anticipate and handle internal complaints with difficult team issues


Hotel Management skill Training Topics:

  • Personal leadership development
  • Maximizing individual and collective performance
  • Administration support SOP optimization
  • Shadowing the managers and supervisor during operational workflow
  • How do you, as Manager monitor the activities of your staff?
  • How do you deal with difficult people at work?
  • Quality Assurance assessments

We would request you not to hesitate to get in touch with us for a tailor-made consulting services and training concept. Please feel free to reach out and to study our websites.


_______________CONSULTING and Quality Assurance assessments_______________


The International Butler Training Institute, offers a wide range of Hotel, Resorts and Cruise Line consultancy and quality assurance assessments.






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