Why choose us?


We pride ourselves in offering a unique and successful learning opportunity for every Butler student. Training takes place on location, Our butler cottage The location is important for our role-playing and to give the butler student the feeling of where they will be working in the future. The Butler students will use the butler cottage for training in guest mode setting. During the training there will be events where the students will be part of. From very formal dinners to casual lunches, from a banquet event to an afternoon tea, from a breakfast service in the suite to service of beverages in the lounge.

The training fee includes your student accommodation. Your breakfast, lunch and dinner, coffee, and tea during the day. All training materials, a compleet three piece butler uniform, distictly different from other Butlerschools, including two white shirts, black patent shoes, white gloves, a pocket watch and cufflinks with the faculty logo, and all field trips are included. (Iff scheduled)  


The Butler suit:

At The International Butler Training Institute, students wear a dress suit (white tie) on special occasions.
And why don't the butlers wear the traditional morning coat, like at other butler schools.
We have made a clear choice in this, often events, such as a formal dinner are in the evening, you only wear the morning coat during the day, in the evening after 6 p.m., you wear either a tuxedo or a dress suit. Because many of our guests come in a tuxedo or suit and we want to distinguish between our guests and the butler students, the choice fell on the dress suit, as it should be in terms of etiquette and porotocol.



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